Working on Weaknesses

5 Rounds for time:
15 cals on Air Bike
10 Strict Hand Stand Push-ups (SHSPU)
12 Burpees
20 V-ups

Score: 18:01

Working on weakness can also be called your “Goat”. I try to program my goats in a few times a week to make sure I’m working toward my goals. Today’s goat is strict handstand push-ups (SHSPU).

After doing open workout 19.3 I figured it was time to get back on the wall and work on hand placement and overall strength. This workout took, what felt like forever. I was happy with the overall exposure of 50 SHSPU) and sticking with my plan of 3-3-2-2.

It was all about the SHSPU. The other 3 movement I was able to move through at a quick and comfortable pace. I played around with moving my hands further away from the wall and that really helped move through the workout. Practicing movements that I struggle with can be frustrating but I’m always glad I did when it’s over.

Lock it Out

Workout #3 of the 2019 CrossFit Open introduced a new movement; strict handstand push-ups. I’m normally thrilled to have a gymnastics movement in the mix but these are my least favorite.

Let’s break down this workout, Dumbbell overhead walking lunges are just awkward and slow, I switched arms every 25ft which kept me moving.
Dumbbell box step ups were not horrible besides the first 10, transitioning from the lungs to a weighted step-up was painful at first but my legs came around.

It was all about finishing the lunges and step ups as fast as I could to give myself as much time as possible on the wall. I completed 20 HSPU in 3:45 with several no reps. To be honest it was the goal I set in my head before starting the workout. looking back at my form, I could have moved my hands 3 inches off the wall, this would have prevented me from falling off as much as I did. Guess I will need to rest the workout another time.

For Time:
200ft. Dumbbell Overhead Walking Lunge (50/35lbs)
50 Dumbbell Box Step-ups (50/35lbs)
50 Strict Handstand Push-ups
200 ft. Handstand Walk

10 minute cap. If not completed, record total reps.

Score: 110
Tie break 6:15