Not all Workouts are Fun

AMRAP in 15 minutes:
21/15 Cals on Air Bike
15 Kettlebell swings (2/1.5p)
30 Sit-ups
15 Goblet Squats (2/1.5p)

Score: 4 rounds

Nothing about this workout had me excited but I wasn’t feeling creative and only had 15 minutes so I jumped right into it. My Air bike stopped working after the first 3 calories so I ended up biking for 90 seconds each round.

Kettlebell swings felt heavy but  not hard. Sit-ups I tried to move as quickly as possible, I knew I could hold a fast pace and being on my back my heart rate would lower by the time I was done. And it did.

The Goblet squats were the worst part. I felt this movement in my lungs, legs, and traps. Holding onto the kettlebell for 40 seconds felt like a very long time, but I was glad I didn’t have to break that movement into sets and I could just push through the burn.

Even though I didn’t love this workout, I’m glad I did it and pushed myself to complete 4 rounds.

Triple Extention

A movement that can always use work, Snatches. It’s so technical and intricate, yet when done right, it is the most elegant lift out there.

I am not one of those elegant lifters. I struggle to get under the bar and break my arms too early, however, it doesn’t stop me from working on my form. I use to think I needed a coach to watch my every lift to improve. I found a little drill work at home has helped me improve on my own.

Work up to a heavy triple Full Snatch 3-3-3-3-3-3
Score: 55-65-76-85-95-105 (couldn’t complete the last 2 at 105lbs)

EMO 90 Seconds for 21 minutes (14 rounds)
3 Full snatches at 70% of your triple (68 lbs)
4 Burpees
6 Kettlebell swings (1.5 pood)

This workout will be definitely make me sore for the next few days, but it was great to get some more practice getting under the bar and not relying so much on the power position.

Every 2 Minutes on the Minute

Flush workouts are great for the mind and body. Very little thought or strategy goes into making sure this workout happens. All you need is to show up and do the work.

E2MOM for 10 Rounds (20 Minutes)
12 Kettlebell swings (1.5/1p)
10 Kettlebell lunges (1.5/1p)
8 Burpees

This workout was relatively painless yet sweaty. Anytime before a big, hard day or workout I suggest a flush like this so you don’t end up sore. It was also a nice of my husband to join me in my early morning session. Working out with a partner is always better than suffering alone.

Never Fly Feeling Fresh

I have a theory that a day of sitting is only enjoyable with I’m sore. My family and I have decide to go on a last minute trip to Puerto Rico and our flight doesn’t leave until noon. This means we were able to squeeze in a workout.

These quick 90 second sprints spiked the heart rate. With the built in rest made it so I could keep moving and get sweaty before our long day in the air.

AMRAP in 25 minutes, with a partner:
12/9 Calories on the Air bike
12 Kettlebell swings
9 Burpees

While one partner is working the other partner rests.

Score: 16 rounds

Not much strategy or thought went into this workout. At 3,2,1 go it was all about getting the work done as fast as possible so my partner could quickly do the same. It was exactly what I needed and wanted.