Glutes and Lungs

For time: 
Hollow Rock
Jumping Lunges

Score: 20:56

Had to get a little creative during nap time. This workout starts out quick for the first couple rounds then slowed down in a real hurry. 

Once I got to the round of 15’s I thought I would never finish. Lucky for me I was able to push through and focus on one movement at a time. 

Jumping lunges were by far the most challenging movement. They are hard on my glutes and lungs but both of those areas I need work on so I was happy to work them into my rotation.

Traveling and working out has been challenging I’m definitely missing a barbell but something is always better than nothing at all.

Filthy Fifty-ish

For time: 
50 Box jumps (16 inches?) (3 septs)
50 Strict Pull-ups
50 Jumping lunges
50 Tuck-ups
50 Arch-ups
50 Jumping Air squats
50 Burpees 

Score: 13:42

Running out of body weight workouts to do, then this one popped up. The original Filthy Fifty has kettlebell swings and Double under but I modified this version to accommodate what I had.

This workout was exactly as expected, painful at times, slow on the pull-ups and jumping lunges, but fantastic bodyweight workout I was able to squeeze in before the kids got up and the tempter got too hot.