Glutes and Lungs

For time: 
Hollow Rock
Jumping Lunges

Score: 20:56

Had to get a little creative during nap time. This workout starts out quick for the first couple rounds then slowed down in a real hurry. 

Once I got to the round of 15’s I thought I would never finish. Lucky for me I was able to push through and focus on one movement at a time. 

Jumping lunges were by far the most challenging movement. They are hard on my glutes and lungs but both of those areas I need work on so I was happy to work them into my rotation.

Traveling and working out has been challenging I’m definitely missing a barbell but something is always better than nothing at all.

Finally a Pull-up

4 Rounds:
40 Burpees
40 Hollow rocks
40 Walking lunges
15 Pull-ups

Score: 20:18

It has been a little over 3 weeks since I have been able to do any pulling work. I was very excited to get some pulling in. As you can see it’s the edge of a balcony but it totally works.

I made this workout up knowing I wanted to do larger sets and incorporate core and pulling. I was looking to finish in under 18 minutes however I was over 2 minutes from my target.

Burpees was a nice way to start off the workout and get my body warm. Hollow rocks were much harder than I anticipated, sets of 10 or less after the first round. I was also surprised how much I felt my core on the second round of burpees and the rest of the workout. Which is a great feeling in my opinion.

Walking lunges felt like a break, but then the Pull-ups, they were as expected. Hard to hold on, the movement felt rusty, and the breaks were long, but it was great to add them in.

Overall a great body weight workout.

3 Part Day

A) Handstand walking practice (15 minutes)
B) 3 Rounds for time:
500-meter run
21 Wall balls (15lbs)
18 Kettlebell snatches (1 pood)
15 Burpees over the Kettlebell
C) Durante’s Core:
10 Hollow Rocks
10 V-ups
10 Tuck-ups
10 second Hollow Hold
1-minute rest between rounds

Score: A) walked over the 35lbs plates three times
B) 16:29
C) Finished Durante’s core unbroken for the first time

Part A) Never know when Handstands are going to show up in a workout so, it’s good to practice. It felt good to be inverted and working on my balance and control.

Part B) The meat of the day, was a perfect workout for the afternoon, not a lot of skill involved but definitely lungs, especially on the Kettlebell Snatches. I had to break that up in half.

Part C) Durante Core: I have been doing this core series for a few years now and, this is the first time I have been able to do it unbroken.

My Go to Workout

When I only have about 15 minutes and want a hard sweaty workout. This one never fails.

For time:
25 Man Makers (1 pood Per hand)

*Man Maker: One kettlebell in each hand, perform 1 push-up, 1 Renegade row on the left side, 1 Renegade row on the right side, 1 more push-up, into a burpee, then into a thruster. Once the thruster has been completed, repeat the series.

Score: 9:36

Since I had 5 extra minutes I decided to do Abs. I try and fit in abs 4 times a week but that doesn’t always happen. When I do have time at the end of a workout, this is my go to.

5 rounds for quality
10 Hollow rocks
10 V-ups
10 Tuck-ups
10 second Hollow hold
30 second rest

This ab workout is call Durantes Core, its was design by a gymnast who is incredibly fit and has amazing core strength, something I could always use more of.

I’ve Got This

EMOM for 20 minutes
5 Pause Overhead Squats (115/80lbs)
12 Burpees
5 Toes to rings, 10 Kettlebell snatches (1.5/1p)
20 meter Hand stand walk
15 Hollow Rocks

I have never been a morning person. I’m still not. But somehow it’s the only time I have to workout that doesn’t affect my family’s schedule too much. When the alarm goes off I take a deep breath and roll out of bed. And I’m a happier person for it.

Today was no different. It was challenging to motivate but knowing I had a partner to suffer with me this morning, my husband Jeremy, made it easier to get going.

Now I know why people write motivational sayings on their bathroom mirror. Times like these.